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After one delay after another, including the untimely death of the owner of the pressing plant, The Covingtons 7" has finally been issued.


The debut 45 is in the works! Sleeve art has been sent to the printer, and music has been sent to be mastered. It should be out in early October!!!!!

August 6th, 2004

Delays, Delays, Delays

The Covingtons Debut EP has been once again pushed back to October, It will be out for shure. Check back soon for Cover Art & Track listing.

July 31st 2004, The Tom Snyder Amp has been found in a garage in Berkley! Photo to come! now if only the Video tape could be found!

May 13th 2004

Watch for the Covingtons on vinyl, courtesy of Sound Camera records. A set of 4 -7" eps will be released . The CD will be put on hold until all scheduled 45's are produced. Why, because vinyl is way cooler than any digital coaster you can bootleg on your computer at home. First disc is scheduled for release in July 2004. Tracks will be released by the line up, and order they were recorded.

January 3, 2004

In Production: CD The Covingtons "Exhumed" Lost Basment & Live recordings

All previously unreleased tracks 1987-1992

Release Temporarily cancelled!

April 26, 2003

I Just recieved a phone call from Paul Michaels, he unearthed the original artwork of the drawing made by his father Glenn Michaels of the Covingtons, apparently hand colored. Also Paul is on the hunt for Live photos of the band, Lets hope his attic is fruitful!

Mark from Groovy Guru is also on the hunt for a live basement rehearsal video of the Covingtons, with Jeff B. on drums, shot during Greg's broken arm period. If the photos and the video tape turn up, Pretty much everything thought to be lost will have resurfaced.


April 25, 2003
Bob Kaufman & I got together last night. We started re-mixing a long lost Victims of Circumstance master 4 Track at Sound Camera Sound Studios. Hopefully this material can be released sometime in the near future. Some truely amazing original material.
I talked to Tom Conway to see if there was a possibility that an 8 track 1/2" master tape still existed. He is going to check
his parents house to see if the tape still there.
April 22, 2003
More stuff added to the Flyer pages, courtesy of Drummer Greg Boes
April 7, 2003
The Great Lost photo sessions have been found in an attic in Troy!!!! Lots of dopey color pictures coming soon. 
April 1, 2003
More Flyers unearthed in San Francisco! The great lost photo session may finally be recovered.  A possible 7" release may be available this summer from an Australian record label. Details when available!
January 29, 2003
I recieved a very encouraging phone call from Drummer Greg Boes Wednesday night. He said he had some flyers that might not be on the site. So I got back to working on more flyer pages. He also had the idea of a song of the month page. Great idea! It has now been added to the site.